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GelTech Solutions' Wildland Fire Division specializes in providing cutting-edge fire chemicals that are the world's safest, most cost-effective, highest performing, and most environmentally-friendly products available for fighting wildland fire.

FireIce® is more than just a chemical company; our full-service shop has designed and built innovative wildland fire equipment that is making fighting fire safer than ever before.
The FireIce program is completely customizable for agency needs, including fixed and portable retardant bases, contract and procurement structuring, training, and full-service staffing. FireIce customer support is unrivaled. Our number-one priority is supporting the agencies that place their trust in us to deliver.
Our talented team has extensive wildland fire and aviation experience in Federal, State and Canadian government agencies, allowing us to understand the specific needs, challenges and goals of our customers. We are capable of rapid response to unexpected events in a wildland fire environment where the “new normal” of large and complex fires is unprecedented. With fire seasons starting earlier and running longer, providing wildfire response has become far costlier and more difficult to manage. Agencies that have implemented FireIce products as part of their airtanker, helicopter and engine programs have seen significant, documented cost reductions in direct fire chemical expenditures, personnel support required, and associated equipment and aircraft expenses.
  • Elizabeth Dick
    We witnessed the effectiveness of FireIce and the results were exceptional; it is a superior retardant.
    Elizabeth Dick
    BIA Airtank Manager
  • Dutch Snyder
    With the added safety factor of being lightweight, FireIce improves the performance of any aircraft flown on wildfires.
    Dutch Snyder
    27-year Veteran SEAT Pilot
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
    GelTech Solution's support was excellent in the assistance of setting up various bases, providing product support and equipment.
    Oregon Department of Forestry
    Season Report

Why Choose FireIce?
FireIce® has become the leading fire chemical company by merit, not legacy. Our products and services contribute more value to agencies than any other fire chemical company.

FireIce® delivers the safest fire chemicals for mixers, pilots, ground crew, firefighters, and the environment.

Support & Training
FireIce® can design a fire chemicals program that is tailored to your agency, with immediate emergency assistance always available upon request.

Strategically located warehouses around the country for fast, efficient, and low-cost shipping.
FireIce® Medium-term Retardant Gels and Class A Foam are regularly reviewed and tested by independent agencies and laboratories. Our products consistently outperform competing gels, elastomers, retardants, and foams.

At FireIce®, we care about the environment we live in, play in, and ultimately work to protect. We are committed to providing fire chemicals that meet the strict environmental standards that our customers have come to expect.

Mixing Technology
Our expertise doesn't stop at the chemical level. Our company has made significant R&D investments to design and build the most advanced mixing and loading technology available on the market.

Cost Savings
We guarantee that no other fire chemical company can deliver more performance value per dollar than FireIce®. We are committed to saving agency and tax payer dollars.
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Wildland & Timber Products:
FireIce 561 FireIce® 561 Dry concentrate MTR Gel; uncolored; USFS QPL Approved More ›
FireIce® HVO-F Dry concentrate MTR Gel with high-visibility fugitive orange colorant More ›
FireIce® HVB-Fx Dry concentrate MTR Gel with high-visibility improved fugitive blue colorant More ›
FireIce Cool Blue FireIce® Cool Blue Dry concentrate fugitive blue colorant package for FireIce® 561; USFS QPL Approved More ›
FireIce Pro FireIce® Pro Dry concentrate MTR Gel; for structure protection and suppression; small applications More ›
FireIce Polar EcoFoam FireIce® Polar EcoFoam Liquid concentrate; Class A foam; USFS QPL Approved More ›

Medium-term Retardant Gels

Wildland & TimberMedium-term Retardant Gels

With cost increasing every year and significant environmental toxicity risks, why settle for long-term retardant fire chemical technology that is decades old? FireIce Medium-term Retardant (MTR) gels are based on next generation, proprietary cross-linked polymer technology and are cheaper, safer, better for the environment, and more effective than any other fire chemical in wildland fire applications. Don't take our word for it; ask for the extensive agency evaluations, independent laboratory analyses, and US Forest Service data that is available.

FireIce 561 FireIce HVO-F FireIce HVB-Fx FireIce Cool Blue

  • Superior adhesion & penetration with reduced shadowing.
  • Reduced drifting & misting, enabling effective lower coverage levels and longer lines.
  • Effective at parallel line and direct attack, giving air attacks and pilots more flexibility for tactical drops based on fire behavior.
  • Available high-visibility fugitive colorants that are timed to product effectiveness.
  • 90% lighter than LTR - Reduced load weight allows for more gallons to be loaded into airtanker, which is especially valuable on short runways, higher temperatures, and higher elevations.
  • Approved by aircraft manufacturers for scooping operations.

FireIce 561 FireIce HVO-F FireIce HVB-Fx FireIce Pro

  • Easy application - Apply via batch-mixing or end of line (for maximum viscosity product).
  • Protect values at risk - Exposure protection for homes, structures, utility poles, fence lines, and valuable infrastructure.
  • Drastically reduce mop-up operation time and cold trailing.
  • Exceptional knockdown power compared to plain water and foam.
  • Effective for wet-lining and burnout operations – effective up to 5,000° F.
  • Available one-part colorant package provides visual indicator for thorough application.
  • Less corrosive than competitor products for pumps, fittings, and other equipment.

FireIce Pro

  • Force multiplying power of FireIce Pro MTR gel available in small packaging for backpack pumps.
  • Small quantities of water go much further and last much longer.
  • Lightweight plastic bottles are easy for firefighters hiking in challenging terrain.

FireIce Pro FireIce HVB-Fx

  • Safe for use on homes, structures, utility and power poles, fence line, interpretive signage, and valuable / endangered trees.
  • Provide up to 24 hours of protection; Variable viscosity allows burn managers to apply viscous gel for longer protection.
  • Reduce escape risk by fortifying wet lines.
  • Effective smoke management; polymer granules help trap smoke and toxins.
  • Washes off with plain water; no labor-intensive cleanup required.
  • Simple batch mixing procedure; compatible with all pumps and portable tanks.

FireIce Pro

  • Protect valuable inventory from the threat of wildland fire – the most inexpensive insurance policy available.
  • Utilized by industry-leading timber companies.
  • Reduce risk of escaped pile burns by wet-lining around pile.
  • Exceptional knockdown power compared to plain water and foam.
  • Long shelf life means the product will be ready when you need it most.
  • Utilize FireIce XT extinguishers for heavy equipment, trucks, and other vehicles operating in the field. Prevent accidental sparks from turning into a major event.

Medium-term Retardant Gel FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
1Product Use
Are Firelce® Medium-term Retardants considered retardants or suppressants?

Firelce® MTR can be utilized as both a suppressant and medium-term retardant. Aerially delivered product in airtankers can be used for direct attack, point protection and indirect or parallel line building. Ground applied product in engines can be used for suppression, mop-up, structure protection, and wet-lining.

How long will Firelce® MTR last once applied?

The duration of Firelce® effectiveness is dependent on weather conditions and viscosity. More viscous Firelce® will last longer than less viscous and is recommended for structure protection. Humidity, temperature, and wind will all affect drying times. In general, Firelce® will last anywhere from 2 hours in the most extreme conditions to 48 hours in cooler, more humid environments.

What are the differences between Firelce® MTR and an elastomer liquid concentrate?

An elastomer is a sticky, glue-like substance designed only for direct suppression, with poor penetration performance. Firelce® MTR allows for free water to penetrate the canopy to the understory and provides excellent wrapping. Though initially easier to mix, Elastomers have very little durability on fire. Testing by independent laboratories has demonstrated that Elastomers and Class A Foam have similar heat resistance abilities, but unlike Class A, the molecular cohesion of the polymer provides very poor penetration - especially in dense canopies. Firelce® MTR is a medium-term retardant with exceptional heat resistance and durability, with effectiveness up to 5,000° F. With available colorants, FireIce® MTRs can be used to apply direct or to build line. Elastomers are made from the same binder chemicals in asphalt, and even small spills can destroy tarmac surfaces, grass, and other terrestrial plants. Elastomers are not compatible with Long Term Retardant, and can cause gumming / clogging issues in aircraft if products are used interchangeably.

What is the difference between Firelce® MTR and other water enhancers / gels?

Firelce® MTR is a highly refined, cross-lined polyacrylate copolymer. GelTech developed a specialized manufacturing process to improve hydration time, consistency, penetration, and adhesion compared to all other gels on the market. Because there is no oil in FireIce® MTR, the product is significantly easier to clean up than other liquid concentrate gels. The copolymer is also significantly more durable than linear polymer gels.

What is the difference between Firelce® MTR and traditional Long Term Retardant (LTR)?

Long Term Retardants are comprised of fertilizers and ammonia and are designed to be most effective at building line (when the water content evaporates). FireIce® MTRs are a force multiplier of water, providing adhesion and durability of the polymer without using harmful ammonia and fertilizers. Direct application of LTR only utilizes properties as a water thickener with limited heat resistance, and it is therefore very expensive per gallon when used in direct applications. LTR is well documented to have toxicity and environmental issues, particularly in aquatic ecosystems, and the fertilizer can promote noxious invasive weed growth during burn recovery. Gum and clay thickened retardants limit penetration in dense canopies. LTR requires expensive infrastructure to mix and load onto airtankers, and salt content requires a significant component of corrosion inhibitors.

What colorants are available?

Firelce® MTR is available uncolored, and in one-part and two-part orange and blue fugitive colorants. The colorants were developed to be timed to the effectiveness of the product.
2Safety & Environmental
Are Firelce® MTR products environmentally safe?

GelTech Solutions® develops and offers only environmentally-safe, non-toxic products that are less corrosive than competitor products. Firelce® MTR products are phosphate and ammonia free and contain no harmful or corrosive chemicals.

Is Firelce® MTR safe for aquatic ecosystems?

Firelce® MTR has been tested by the USFS and is deemed to be non-toxic in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Accidental and intentional water intrusions have had no negative impacts on aquatic ecosystems.

Is Firelce® MTR safe for asphalt tarmacs and pavement?

Elastomer fire chemicals are able to penetrate the surface and destroy asphalt binders, and even small amount can ruin a tarmac or pavement and shut down aviation operations. Unlike elastomer fire chemicals, FireIce MTR is completely safe for tarmacs and pavement, even when spilled accidentally.

What is weight per-mixed-gallon of Firelce® MTR?

Firelce® weighs negligibly more than water; water weighs 8.35 lbs. per gallon, and mixed Firelce® MTR weighs approximately 8.45 lbs. per gallon.

Is Firelce® MTR safer than Long Term Retardant?

Research has shown that Firelce® is environmentally safer than long-term retardant, especially in aquatic ecosystems. Firelce® concentrate is also 90% lighter than long-term retardant. In a DC-10 Very Large Airtanker, that amounts to over 10,000 lbs. in weight reduction.

What happens if residual long-term retardant becomes mixed with Firelce® MTR?

The amount of fire chemical left in airtankers after a drop varies by aircraft, but it is generally a negligible amount. Research has shown there is no noticeable impact on the quality of Firelce® MTR when loaded into an airtanker that previously carried long-term retardant.
3Mixing & Application
How long can Firelce® MTR dry powder concentrates be stored for?

Firelce® MTR dry concentrate buckets have a maintenance-free shelf life of 15 years when stored in a cool, dry area. Liquid gel concentrates often require strict maintenance or shaking procedures at least every 6 months, and may be subject to freezing if left in temperatures below freezing.

How long can batch mixed Firelce® MTR products be stored for?

Once Firelce® is batch mixed, the product can be effective as long as it is maintained at proper viscosity levels. Product should be tested for quality control, as evaporation and UV light exposure may affect viscosity.

Will Firelce® MTR corrode or damage equipment?

No; Firelce® MTR in both powder and mixed gel form is non-corrosive. The product has been tested by Pierce, a premier apparatus manufacturer, and found to be safe for pumps, fittings and other equipment. It has also been tested on plastics, rubbers and many other metals (including UL testing of the Firelce® Fire Extinguisher) and found to be non-corrosive.

Can Firelce® MTR be batch mixed in a baffled tank?

Yes; Firelce® can be mixed in a baffled tank. It is recommended that the discharge and suction ports be plumbed into different baffles for maximum circulation.

Can Firelce® MTR be used with any nozzle?

Yes; when Firelce® powder is batch mixed at the recommended viscosities, it is compatible with all standard fog, straight stream, and adjustable nozzles and most automatic nozzles.

Will Firelce® MTR affect the float gauges in airtankers or engines?

No; Firelce® has been tested on a variety of floats and will not affect their functionality or readings.

Does water quality and temperature affect viscosity and mix ratios?

Yes; water temperature, salinity, pH, chlorine, and mineral content can all slightly affect mix ratios. Unlike Long Term Retardant products, which require exact mix ratios for the corrosion inhibitors to be effective, Firelce® MTR mix ratios are variable and are mixed to finished viscosity, not to a percentage.

Can I use a refractometer for quality control testing?

No; there is no salt content in Firelce® MTR, so refractometers will not show any meaningful readings. Viscosity testing using a marsh funnel is the recommended method for quality control.
Still have questions?
FireIce® Medium Term Retardant Gel Products:
FireIce 561 FireIce® 561 Dry concentrate MTR Gel; uncolored; USFS QPL Approved More ›
FireIce® HVO-F Dry concentrate MTR Gel with high-visibility fugitive orange colorant More ›
FireIce® HVB-Fx Dry concentrate MTR Gel with high-visibility improved fugitive blue colorant More ›
FireIce Cool Blue FireIce® Cool Blue Dry concentrate fugitive blue colorant package for FireIce® 561; USFS QPL Approved More ›
FireIce Pro FireIce® Pro Dry concentrate MTR Gel; for structure protection and suppression; small applications More ›


FireIce® Polar EcoFoam Class A is designed for a broad range of WUI (Wildland Urban Interface), Wildland and Class A Fire applications, including where cold-water mixing of Class A foam is required.

FireIce® Polar EcoFoam Class A is biodegradable and non-hazardous, and is free of fluorinated surfactants; making Polar EcoFoam safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas, including wilderness areas, vulnerable water sources, and the wildland urban interface.

In low percentage applications (0.1-0.3%), Polar EcoFoam acts like "wet water", breaking the surface tension without excessive foaming, extending the water's ability to wet, penetrate, and absorb heat. On hard-to-wet fuels like peat, duff and vertical surfaces, Polar EcoFoam's adhesion prevents the shedding of water and soaks fuels at a controlled rate.
For higher expansion applications (0.3-1.0%) like aerial delivery or CAFS, FireIce Polar EcoFoam enhances wetting and creates a more durable barrier than plain water. Additionally, Polar EcoFoam raises required fuel ignition temperature, modifies time to ignition, and amends tree stand/fuel complex microclimates by "wrapping" fuel sources in a protective envelope of expanded foam.

FireIce Pro

  • Excellent choice when cold water mixing.
  • Compatible and approved for existing foam systems FireBoss, CL-215/415, and other foam injection equipped aircraft.
  • Compatible with Helicopter applications including bucket with foam injection pump, internal bladder and timed interval poly fixed tank systems.
  • Compatible with AT-802 factory gate foam injection systems.
  • Compatible with all ground holding tanks and mobile concentrate transfer and loading systems.
  • Insulates fuels from flame, heat, and oxygen better than water alone.
  • Provides excellent visibility and water retention over a longer period of time.
  • Provides less shadowing and increased wrapping of fuels.
  • Lessens canopy interception and allows better ladder and fine fuel wetting.

FireIce Pro

  • New synthetic surfactant requires max ratios less than 1%, saving concentrate and money.
  • Provides superior lower expansion foam with standard forestry nozzles, straight-stream, or fog.
  • Provides superior medium expansion with aspirating nozzles and high expansion CAFS foam up to 1000:1.
  • Stable in foam cells, holding tanks and transfer pumps, will not sludge or gel.
  • Compatible with all direct injection, bladder tank, in-line, around-the-pump and suction side portioners as well as batch mixing.
  • Concentrate can be used in backpack pumps, pressurized water extinguishers, ATV and portable pump systems.
  • Provides excellent wet line visibility.
  • Smothers, penetrates and cools better than water alone on all class A fuels.

Foam FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
1Product Use
What is the best percentage application for Polar EcoFoam?

Depending on application and proportioning equipment, Polar EcoFoam can be applied anywhere from 0.01% to 1.00%.

Is Polar EcoFoam visible when applied?

Yes; Polar EcoFoam provides excellent visibility on the ground and from aircraft when applied at recommended proportions.

How does Polar EcoFoam compare to elastomer liquid concentrate?

Elastomers are designed for suppression, similar to all Class A Foams. However, because elastomers have a high amount of molecular cohesion, they have poor penetration and wrapping ability – particularly when dropped from aircraft. Polar EcoFoam is also significantly cheaper per mixed gallon, is compatible with all foam proportioning equipment, and will not destroy asphalt or concrete surfaces.

Our Agency requires bulk delivery, is Polar EcoFoam available in bulk quantities?

Polar EcoFoam is available in Pails, Drums, Totes, and Tanker Truck delivery. Please inquire for pricing and availability of bulk orders.
2Safety & Environmental
All FireIce® products are touted to be to be the most environmentally friendly products available, is this true for FireIce® Polar EcoFoam as well?

Yes; Polar EcoFoam meets the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL) Specification for Fire Suppressant Foam for Wildland Firefighting (Class A Foam) Specification 5100-307a. Polar EcoFoam in addition to meeting and exceeding all federal performance-testing requirements of the specification has a much lower aquatic toxicity than competing products. While it is preferable that no chemical application occur into a body of water, should any intrusion occur, the potential for environmental impacts, including fish kills is significantly lessened over similar and like USFS qualified Class A Foam products.

Does Polar EcoFoam contain fluorine? - my agency was told to identify alternatives to the products we now purchase.

No; All FireIce® fire chemicals, including Polar EcoFoam, are 100% Fluorine free.

Is there anything hazardous in the makeup of Polar EcoFoam?

No; Polar Eco-Foam Class A does not contain any hazardous substances and does not require any special labelling when transported. In addition to meeting certification testing in accordance to Forest Service Specification 5100-307a. Polar EcoFoam also conforms to NFPA 18 and NFPA 1150.

Is Polar EcoFoam Bio-degradable?

Yes; Polar EcoFoam is readily bio-degradable and will not persist in the environment.
3Mixing & Application
Can we use the FireIce® Eductor Nozzle gun with Polar EcoFoam?

Yes; All FireIce® brand eductors will proportion Polar-EcoFoam, including the nozzle gun assembly.

Are FireIce® MTR gels compatible with FireIce Polar EcoFoam?

Yes; If allowed by your agency, FireIce® brand products are all tested to be used together; in-concert or interchangeably.

Can Polar EcoFoam be batch mixed?

Yes; However as implied Polar EcoFoam will be foamy and produce suds into the tank filler, similar to all QPL’d Class A foam.

Can Polar EcoFoam be used in our CAFS units?

Yes; Polar EcoFoam is a great choice for CAFS units and can have expansion of up to 1000:1, out-performing all competitive Class A Foams.
Still have questions?
FireIce® Polar EcoFoam Products:
FireIce Polar EcoFoam FireIce® Polar EcoFoam Liquid concentrate; Class A foam; USFS QPL Approved More ›

Tanker Bases & Injection Systems

Wildland & TimberTanker Bases & Injection Systems

FireIce® is more than just a fire chemical company, we take various agency needs into account, and not only provide excellent customer service, but also superior custom solutions to further accommodate the agencies we work with. Over the years, we at FireIce® have established robust relationships with our clients to ensure we meet any industry specific needs they may have.

Our custom equipment and tanker base solutions have become a cornerstone for agency use in the wildland industry. We provide options for mobile and fixed tanker bases, automated mixing systems, automatic injection systems, and SEAT trailers.

Browse FireIce® Wildland Fire Equipment & Systems

FireIce® Wildland Fire Equipment & Systems:
FireIce® XT 2.5-Gallon Class A Extinguisher UL Listed, Class A Rating More ›
FireIce® Pro Eductor Systems Proprietary equipment required for mixing FireIce® dry concentrate into gel More ›
FireIce® Pro Eductor Nozzle Gun End-of-line equipment required for mixing FireIce® dry concentrate into gel More ›
FireIce® Wildland Fire Accessories:
FireIce® Marsh Funnel Viscometer For taking accurate viscosity measurements when working with FireIce® gel More ›
Extinguisher Hose Kit Retrofit hose kit for 2.5-gallon water cans More ›
Extinguisher Mounting Bracket Bungee and Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket; magnetized and unmagnetized More ›
Extinguisher Bucket Bag Easy to carry and transport bucket bag for 2.5-gallon Extinguisher More ›
Extinguisher Heated Insulation Jacket Heated Insulation Jacket for the FireIce® Extinguisher; helps to prevent freezing More ›