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There is a new technology that is changing the way utility companies enhance both utility workers and public safety. Current protocol regarding emergency electrical events, both subsurface and overhead, allow these types of fires to burn themselves out, which causes excessive damage to assets in the area.

This practice is costly both in terms of damage to the network and surrounding infrastructure, but it also exposes the surrounding community to potentially harmful emissions from the burning material.
Introducing FireIce, the latest technology currently being used to prevent and suppress electrical events within primary 27 kV and 13 kV networks and secondary network 120/208 V systems on manhole fires, pole fires, apparatuses and a wide range of other applications.

Extensive testing in lab and field conditions conclusively proved the ability of FireIce to quickly extinguish these electrical events, substantially reducing and isolating carbon monoxide and all toxic emissions, thereby increasing public and employee safety. FireIce is eco-friendly, safe and green.
  • Ed Morson
    Because of the uniqueness of the gel, it will adhere to the target to the targeted surface when deployed and will not blow or burn away like traditional fire extinguisher powders. In addition, it's suitable for use on electrical fires...from the moment we saw FireIce in action, we were eager to find ways to adapt it to our utility environment...FireIce greatly increases employee safety when a fire breaks out, while helping PECO keep our commitments to our customers and the environment.
    Ed Morson
    Senior Methods Specialist at PECO, excerpt from June/July 2018 Incident Prevention Magazine
  • Tom Tropea
    FireIce helps extinguish flames quickly and dramatically cools burning equipment much more effectively than water alone. This speeds up putting out fires and reduces the risk of hot equipment reigniting...The use of [FireIce] will minimize smoke and other combustion by-products released, limit the potential exposure for firefighters, company employees, and the public, and reduce collateral damage to the electrical system.
    Tom Tropea
    Fire Safety Program Manager at ConEdison, excerpt from ConEdison's 2012 Sustainability Report

Overhead Utilities

Overhead electrical events are extremely dangerous, and until FireIce, have not had an effective method of extinguishment or control. These events can be equally problematic to the public due to the release of toxic emissions, deadly electricity, and other heat-related dangers.

GelTech Solutions® began working with a major utility company in New York City to explore the use of FireIce to quickly extinguish these types of fires. FireIce begins as a dry powder, but when mixed with water becomes a fire suppressing gel capable of extinguishing electrical events within primary voltages of 50kv at a standoff distance of 5 feet. Over three years of testing, the utility company concluded that using FireIce on these events significantly reduced damage to their network and also decreased potentially harmful emissions.
Overhead Utility Products:
FireIce® Pro Dry concentrate; for use with Pro specific equipment More ›
FireIce® XT Refills Pre-mixed; for filling and refilling XT specific equipment More ›
Overhead Utility Equipment & Systems:
FireIce® Pro Eductor Nozzle Gun End-of-line equipment required for mixing FireIce® dry concentrate into gel More ›
FireIce® XT 2.5-Gallon Class A Extinguisher UL Listed, Class A Rating More ›
FireIce® XT Rapid Response Unit Portable solution for immediate fire suppression More ›
Overhead Utilities Accessories:
Extinguiser Hose Kit Retrofit hose kit for 2.5-gallon water cans More ›
Extinguisher Mounting Bracket Bungee and Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket; magnetized and unmagnetized More ›
Extinguisher Bucket Bag Easy to carry and transport bucket bag for 2.5-gallon Extinguisher More ›
Extinguisher Heated Insulation Jacket Heated Insulation Jacket for the FireIce® Extinguisher; helps to prevent freezing More ›

Underground Utilities

Emergency Manhole FireIce Delivery System

Underground electrical events that occur when utility workers are onsite can be extremely dangerous and all too often fatal.

In collaboration with a major utility company, GelTech Solutions developed the Emergency Manhole FireIce Delivery System (EMFIDS).

EMFIDS is designed to deliver FireIce gel into a manhole via spray nozzles when an emergency electrical event occurs.

Imagine a utility worker is working down in a manhole when an electrical event suddenly ignites. Within seconds, the fire becomes life threatening, and as each second ticks by, the odds of surviving diminish drastically. The heat from the fire automatically triggers the EMFIDS, which is designed to coat the lineman and/or the worker, and ladder with FireIce, depending on the system, providing an opportunity for the worker to escape.

EMFIDS Configurations
All 4 EMFIDS Configurations
The system can be automatically triggered by heat sensors or manually from within the manhole by workers above or below ground. The utility company has tested prototypes and is currently field-testing first generation versions of the EMFIDS system.

Emergency Manhole FireIce Delivery System Products:
FireIce® XT Refills Pre-mixed; for filling and refilling XT specific equipment More ›
Emergency Manhole FireIce Delivery System Equipment & Systems:
FireIce® XT EMFIDS Emergency Manhole FireIce® Delivery System More ›

Subsurface Containment Unit

Filled with FireIce, this unique underground pouch melts instantly when an electrical event occurs, flooding the vault with FireIce while suppressing and cooling the source.

  • Prevent powerful manhole explosions by displacing over 90% of off-gases caused by deteriorating cables.
  • Potentially limit costly damage to cables and equipment.
  • Instantly suppress underground events.
  • Install and remove in under an hour.
  • 10-year lifespan built to withstand elements; pump out and remove in minutes.
  • Eco-friendly - no special handling required.

Subsurface Containment Unit Products:
FireIce® Pro Dry concentrate; for use with Pro specific equipment More ›
FireIce® Cable Lubricant Pre-mixed; lowers tensile strength while pulling cable More ›
FireIce® Deactivator Pre-mixed; reduces extensive clean-up of cable lubricant More ›
Subsurface Containment Unit Equipment & Systems:
FireIce® Pro Eductor Nozzle Gun End-of-line equipment required for mixing FireIce® dry concentrate into gel More ›
FireIce® Pro Subsurface Containment Unit Expandable pouch permanent solution for subsurface events More ›