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FireIce for homeowners

Property Protection

Trusted by wildland firefighters and insurance companies, FireIce® Pro can be applied to your home and surrounding vegetation to help protect against both embers and flames in a wildland fire event. Using the proprietary FireIce® Home Defense Unit power washer attachment, apply FireIce® Pro to protect your home and property.*

Eco-friendly, non-toxic, and less corrosive than competitor products; safe for use around children and pets.

Superior Adhesion
FireIce® Pro adheres to virtually any vertical or horizontal surface.

Easy Clean Up
FireIce® Pro is clear, odorless, and rinses clean with plain water.
Easy to Use
Unit attaches to standard pressure washer for ease of use & portability.*

Long Shelf Life
Unopened buckets have a 15-year shelf life, and are safe to be stored in hot or freezing environments.

Coats & Protects
Up to 24 hours.

FireIce Wand Assembly & FireIce Pro 25 lb. Buckets

  • Each FireIce Pro bucket provides approx. 1,250 sq. ft. of coverage.
  • Must be used with pressure washer that does not exceed 5,000 PSI.
  • Always follow instructions from local authorities in the event of an approaching fire.
*Requires two people to operate; pressure washer not included with purchase.

Property Protection Products:
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Property Protection Equipment & Systems:
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Personal Safety Equipment

Cool & Contain Fire up to 5,000° F
Safe for use around pets and children, FireIce® XT is an eco-friendly, easy to use, easy-to-clean suppressant gel designed to quickly and efficiently coat, cool, and contain heat-related events.
Foolproof & Lightweight Design

Easy Cleanup
FireIce XT is easy to clean with just water.

Sturdy & Reliable
High-density construction and sturdy design make the FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol Spray a dependable choice.

Intuitive Handling
Its foolproof "single-handle-direction" orientation makes the FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol Spray canister intuitive for anyone to use during an emergency.

Store Anywhere
A lightweight, slim profile makes it easy to store anywhere and easy for anyone to handle. Do not allow aerosol canister to freeze.

Tested for Safety & Effectiveness
Incredible Suppression
FireIce XT 20 oz. Aerosol Spray utilizes the same powerful suppression agent as contained in the FireIce UL-Listed Extinguisher, making it capable of containing a fire up to 5,000° F.

Fire Suppression Ratings
FireIce XT gel has passed Custom UL 711-4OA Listing Equivalent testing.
Eco-Friendly Testing
FireIce is deemed eco-friendly by the EPA and USDA. FireIce has been tested by the U.S. Forest Service and is classified as non-toxic to mammals, aquatic life, and terrestrial species.

FireIce XT is compliant with DOT 2Q DSC M5749, and contains no CFCs or VOCs per EPA & California Air Resource Board.

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Consumer Goods

Charge your phone with peace of mind.
Lithium-ion batteries are at highest risk of fire when your device is charging. Protected by FireIce® ST gel, ChargeSafe is the first solution of its kind to cool, suppress and prevent reignition of lithium-ion battery fires.

  • When a lithium-ion battery fire occurs, FireIce® ST gel is released to instantly cool and suppress the fire.
  • Effective up to 5,000° F.
  • Fits all smart phones.
  • Non-toxic & kid safe.