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The FireIce® Onboard Injection System (FOIS) was custom designed and built by Trotter Controls®, the leader in fire gate and controller systems for airtankers, including the factory Air Tractor gates. The FOIS is designed specifically for AT-802 and FireBoss® aircraft, designed to automatically mix FireIce® MTR dry concentrates while in flight. Designed from the ground up to be the most effective, safest, and most reliable injection system available for AT-802 aircraft platforms.

FOIS Benefits

  • Onboard system enables in-air mixing of FireIce® slurry
  • Maximizes flight time by reducing the need to return to base for FireIce® gel loads after each drop
  • Maximizes the effectiveness of an AT-802/ FireBoss
  • Computer controlled mixing with user selectable ratios
  • Optimize the material for the fire conditions
  • Simple ground loading equipment employed, great for remote locations and temporary tanker bases
  • Aircraft continues to operate on fires even if mixing system is INOP or turned OFF

FOIS Features

  • Onboard mixing of up to 3,000 gallons of FireIce® before returning to base
  • Gel can be re-wetted to maximize in-air time
  • Air driven water pump is already approved equipment for the Fire Boss® / Air Tractor®
  • Incorporates ram-air into existing venting system
  • Vacuum transfer system uses common shop-vacuum
  • Uses adapter assembly for simple, minimally intrusive installation
  • Trotter Controls® DataVault-based controller, records quantity, material, and ratio of FireIce delivered
  • In-cockpit display of system vitals
  • Pilot selectable mix ratio
  • Logging of system parameters
  • Minimal ground support needed


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