FireIce® Portable Tanker Base
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FireIce® Fixed Tanker Base

FireIce offers capability for full-service fixed tanker bases, including all required tanking and equipment. The company can set up a lease agreement for the equipment to be agency operated, or a full-service contract with FireIce employees.

FireIce fixed tanker bases can be custom built to agency needs and requirements, based on size, number of products, water requirements, and space. The FireIce team can build full site plans for requesting agencies for every base.



3000 US Gallon Water storage tank with 3” supply and 4” Discharge
3000 US Gallon Mixing tank with 4” lower suction port and 4” upper / top port
Semi-Bulk Systems 4” Stainless Steel Eductor with associated fittings
Eductor Mounting Stand
Multi-Quip 600 GPM 4” Contractor Load Pump with dual 4” discharge manifold
Multi-Quip 350 GPM 3” Contractor Load back-up pump
500 feet 3” fire threaded collapsible lay flat high pressure hose
100 feet 4” quick connect manifold (Cam-lock)
(1) 4” Gated Y or valved Tee style manifold
(2) 150 feet 3” quick connect (Cam-lock) aircraft loading hose(s)
(2) 3” aircraft loading valves
14 Hose Skates
1 Marsh Funnel and testing equipment necessary for quality assurance
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