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The Next-Generation FireIce® Mobile Automated Base system (F- MAB) is is a state-of-the art direct mixing and loading system designed exclusively for FireIce®, and is a technological breakthrough for wildland firefighting.

The F- MAB is the fastest, safest, cleanest, most precise, and most advanced tanker base loading mechanism ever designed. It is designed to instantly mix and load FireIce® dry concentrates at the press of a button, mixing at user-selectable viscosities and loading to an exact volume, plus or minus one gallon. F-MAB units are available to agencies on call-when-needed and exclusive-use contracts.

The F-MAB can be custom built to agency needs, and can be mounted permanently or on a trailer for maximum portability. It is available with a diesel generator for remote locations where power may not be available. The F-MAB can be utilized to load multiple aircraft platforms, from a SEAT to large airtankers. It can also be utilized to easily set up helicopter dip tanks (heli-wells), and when using an automated float switch, can automatically refill the dip tank during the operational period.

All F-MABs come standard with cellular and satellite communications, and can be programmed to load via airtanker T-Numbers and fire locations. The unit can then email a specified listserv details about what tankers are being loaded, and what fires they are dispatched to, all in real time – saving tanker base managers valuable time and resources.

Additional Features:

Fully Automated Mixing – By computer control.

Mixing On-Demand – Product readily available at the push of a button.

Viscosity Control – Depending on fuel type and requests from Air Attack.

Loading Reports – Automatically generated daily by airtanker.

Automatically Refills – Airtanker to capacity based on T-Number.

Multiple Power Sources – 3-phase power or available generator.

Flexible Loading – Using buckets or bulk bin totes.

Includes All Equipment & Setup – Right-sized for agency needs.



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Reference Documents

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