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GelTech Solutions’ Wildland Fire Division specializes in providing cutting-edge fire agents that are the world’s safest, most cost-effective, highest performing, and environmentally-friendly products available for fighting and managing wildland fires. FireIce® Medium-Term Retardant (MTR) Gels are based on a next generation, proprietary cross-linked copolymer technology – creating a powerful fire suppressant and retardant that enhance the capabilities of water.

While typical wildfires burn at 2800° F, FireIce MTR Gels are tested to remain effective up to 5,000° F. The proprietary cross-linked copolymer technology provides more durability and flame-resistance than linear polymers, elastomers, long-term retardants (LTR), and foams. Although environmental factors contribute to the duration of effectiveness, FireIce MTR Gel will last from 2 hours in the most challenging high temperature, high wind, and low humidity environments, to over 24 hours.

Environmentally Friendly

FireIce MTR Gels are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and the formulas do not contain phosphates, ammonia, or arsenic. Our gels are safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas, including wilderness areas, vulnerable water sources, the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI), and long-term retardant exclusion zones.

Eco-friendly | Non-Hazmat | Non-Toxic | Safe for Aquatic Life,

High-Visibility Colorant
FireIce HVB-Fx adds a proprietary, high visibility blue colorant to the FireIce polymer, allowing pilots, ground personnel, and air attacks to have a very bright blue visual indicator to maximize effectiveness and line building. The fugitive blue colorant is more natural in appearance and aesthetically pleasing than traditional red retardants.

FireIce MTR Gels are available in multiple colors:

HVO-F (Orange) | HVB-Fx (Blue) | Uncolored

Wildland fire behavior changes in an instant. FireIce MTR Gels provide pilots, air attacks, and ground teams the flexibility to promptly decide between direct attack or parallel line building. FireIce HVB-Fx utilizes a high visibility fugitive blue colorant, and is intended for use in fixed wing air tankers and helicopters. The formula may be used for parallel and direct application to build lines, protect structures, and reinforce natural fire breaks.

Suppression | Build Line | Protect Structures | Reinforce Barriers


FireIce MTR Gels provide the best combination of adhesion and canopy penetration, while still providing exceptional flame resistance and durability. FireIce MTR gels reduce drifting and misting, allowing air tankers to lower the coverage level and deliver longer lines without impacting the effectiveness. The new HVB-Fx formula utilizes a proprietary performance package additive that improves film thickness and wetting ability.

Enhanced Recovery | Improved Wetting | Ultimate Durability

Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce® HVB-Fx 42 lb. Bucket FI-42B-HVBFX Please Call


Product Characteristics
Color Fugitive Blue | One Part
Application Airtankers, Helicopters, Engines, Structures, Prescribed Fires
Fuel types Effective & Visible in All Fuel Types
Approvals US Forest Service QPL, 5100-306b
Viscosity 200 – 1800 cP
Packaging1, 2 Dry Concentrate, 42 lb. Bucket | 15-year shelf Life


1Available in Bulk and/or Custom Packaging
2Non-Hazmat, No Special Handling Required


Mixing Guide

Viscosity Mix Ratio Marsh Funnel
Helicopter 200 – 400 cP 1.7% – 1.9% 38 – 45 seconds
Fixed Wing 600 – 1100 cP 2.2% – 2.7% 60 – 70 seconds
Ground 400 – 1800 cP 1.9% – 3.0% 42 – 110 seconds


Handling Instructions

Please consult the SDS for detailed safety and handling information before use. SDS may be found at

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is recommended when handling dry concentrate:

  • Wear protective gloves, protective clothing, eye protection, and respiratory protection approved for particulates and dust
  • Always practice good industrial hygiene and safety practices
  • Wash hands thoroughly after handling
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Reference Documents

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