The Science of Creating Environmentally-Friendly Solutions to Answer Nature's Challenges

Company Overview

About GelTech Solutions

GelTech Solutions is a product innovation company, specializing in environmentally-friendly chemicals and products that reduce costs associated with fighting fire, protecting assets, water retention and improving ROI for our customers. Our product lines include chemicals and equipment designed for use in wildland and municipal fire management, as well as industrial, agriculture, commercial, and personal home applications. We are constantly developing new products to best meet the needs of our current and future customers, including specialty products and equipment for challenging situations that can protect assets, save money and improve efficiency.

Our corporate philosophy is reflected in the hexagon reflected in the chosen shape of our corporate logo and product identities. The hexagon is the strongest naturally occurring shape known to man; our products utilize environmentally-friendly solutions to support and strengthen nature and our surroundings. The hexagon symbolizes our goal to provide sustainability and world-changing solutions to common problems across all continents of the world--today and for future generations.

Our Mission Statement

GelTech Solutions is dedicated to transforming unique and innovative ideas into global solutions to common problems. Our purpose is to produce high quality, environmentally friendly, and cost effective products that can change the industries we touch – safely, effectively, ethically, and sensibly.

Industries Served

GelTech’s portfolio of innovative chemicals and equipment are designed for industrial, government, military, and home applications, and are marketed in the United States and abroad. With our network of internal and external sales agents and distributors, our company can quickly and effectively assist agencies, companies and individuals in these markets with the full range of challenges they face.

Our Key Industries

  • Wildland Fire
  • Municipal / Structure Fire
  • Public & Private Utility Companies
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Military & Aviation
  • Agriculture & Biomass
  • Timber
  • Golf Courses & Turf Management
  • Dust Control & Erosion Management
  • Homeowners & Consumers