FireIce® Pro Eductor Systems
FireIce® Pro HDU Wand

FireIce® Pro Eductor Nozzle Gun

  • Designed for quick and efficient application of FireIce® for municipal, utility or wildland firefighting.
  • Great tool for direct fire suppression as well as exposure protection.
  • User friendly and easy to clean.
  • UL Canada (ULC) Approved

FireIce® Eductor Nozzle Gun Systems

Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce® Eductor Nozzle Gun 6′ Hose
(1.5″ National Hose Thread)
FI-EN-S $1,040
FireIce® Eductor Nozzle Gun 25′ Hose
(2.5″ National Hose Thread)
FI-EN $1,150

FireIce® Eductor Nozzle Gun Accessories

Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
¾” Garden Hose Thread (GHT) 6′ Pickup Hose
(2 Pack)
(1.5″ Eduction Systems &
FireIce® Eductor Nozzle Gun)
FI-ES-SHG $120
¾” Garden Hose Thread (GHT) 25′ Pickup Hose
(2 Pack)
(FireIce® Eductor Nozzle Gun)



System Components:

(1) Aluminum Eductor
(1) Aspirator
(2) ¾” GHT 6′ Pickup Hose or ¾” GHT 25′ Pickup Hose
(1) Clean-out Brush
Eductor Components:

(1) Aluminum Eductor Body
(1) Rubber Gasket
(1) Aluminum Cone
(1) Ball Valve Shut Off
(1) GHT 1″ to ¾” adapter

Shipping Information:

Eductor Nozzle Gun with 6′ Short Hose (1.5″ NH Thread”)

Dimensions: 24″ x 16″ x 8″
Weight: 14 lbs.

Eductor Nozzle Gun with 25′ Long Hose (1.5″ NH Thread”)

Dimensions: 24″ x 16″ x 8″
Weight: 21 lbs.

For more information on gallons per minute (gpm) and eductor cone size correlation, see the reference documents section: FireIce Eductor Cone Diagram.



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