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FireIce® Sunset Orange

FireIce® Sunset Orange is a two-part colorant package that takes the power of FireIce® 561 polymer and adds a proprietary, fugitive orange colorant for added visibility in aerial and ground applications. FireIce® Sunset Orange is fully qualified on the USFS Qualified Products List.

Aerial Application
FireIce® Sunset Orange colorant package allows for air attack officers and pilots to determine tactics best suited for the mission, in real time on the fire. Direct attack application on the head or the flank can immediately cool and prevent spreading, and is much more effective with greater durability and adhesion than long term retardant. Parallel and indirect application can be used to build line, protect structures, and reinforce natural fire breaks.

Not all gels are the same, and not all gels can be used for line building. With FireIce® Sunset Orange colorant, combined with the lasting power of FireIce® polymer, it is possible to have line effectiveness of 2 hours up to 12 hours, which is most cases, is long enough to accomplish the mission.

Engine Application
FireIce Sunset Orange is not recommended for engine application, unless special ordered as a one-part pre mixed product.

FireIce® Sunset Orange is a food-grade colorant, and is completely environmentally friendly, and is safe to use around sensitive aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

Less Corrosive than Competitor Products
FireIce® Sunset Orange is safe for use with all pumps and firefighting equipment. When batch mixed, the product is safe to leave in tanks and will not fall out of suspension.

Fast Cleanup
FireIce® Sunset Orange is easy to cleanup with plain water, and does not require any specialized chemicals or equipment. Though the colorant package is fugitive and can generally be washed off, some staining is possible in particularly porous material.

Application Methods & Packaging
FireIce® Sunset Orange is available in buckets and dissolvable bags, and as a one part dry mix. Batch mixing is recommended.


Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce® Sunset Orange 40.5 lb. Bucket FI40B-SOF -Call
FireIce® Sunset Orange 40.5 lb. Bucket
(Pallet of 48)
FI40B-SOFP -Call




Color: High-Visibility Sunset Orange
Application: Airtankers & Engines
Approvals: Experimental One-Part Color Package
Mix Ratio & Packaging: 40.5 lb. Bucket per 350-500 Gallons of Water
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