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Amec Foster Wheeler Solves Dust Problem on Solar Panels With Soil2O Dust Control


As solar energy becomes an increasingly efficient and cost effective alternative to traditional fossil fuels, photovoltaic power stations, better known as, solar farms, are quickly becoming the norm for harnessing large amounts of energy.

Amec Foster Wheeler, a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering, and technical services to energy and industrial markets, was planning to begin construction on a 22 acre site for solar panels, and quickly found themselves in need of a dust suppressant. Amec Foster Wheeler reached out to GelTech Solutions, in search for a dust suppressant that was non-corrosive to equipment and panels, reduced their need for water, as the site had limited access to water, did not require a cure time or pre-treatment of an area, and was fully complaint with all current dust regulations.


A Soil2O dust expert and technician from GelTech Solutions was sent to the Amec Foster Wheeler construction site to perform an in-depth site survey to confirm how much product would be required for the length of the project. The GelTech Solutions Soil2O dust control calculator was an integral part of deciding how much product would be required for the job. By calculating square footage of the site area and the projects duration, the calculator was able to provide Amec Foster Wheeler an exact cost and amount of product required.

After the product was delivered, the Soil2O expert and technician returned to aid Amec Foster Wheeler to guide initial mixing and proper product application, to ensure that the product was being used to its maximum efficiency..


Dust at Amec Foster Wheeler’s solar farm was no longer an issue. Water use was drastically cutback, and the solar panels were not affected. The Soil2O expert and technician was able to ensure Amec Foster Wheeler was satisfied with the product. GelTech Solutions and Amec Foster Wheeler continue working together, and can be used as an example of GelTech Solutions resounding customer service.