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Soil2O Saves Lawns During California Droughts


Since 2011, California continues to experience one of the worst droughts to ever occur in the region. A state of emergency was declared as water quickly became scarce. General lawn maintenance became expensive and many southern California lawns started turning brown as a result of cities implementing stiffer water restrictions amid the state’s ongoing drought. Residents were faced with either letting their grass turn brown and die, or remove and replace their lawns with artificial turf.


At the time, one of GelTech Solutions main products, Soil2O, a cross-linked copolymer capable of keeping plants hydrated and therefore decreasing water usage, was available, but application restriction prevented homeowners from being able to take advantage of its water saving qualities. After a period of research and development involving designing a more user friendly approach to using Soil2O topical for lawns, GelTech Solutions unveiled the Soil2O Home Lawn Care Kit. The Soil2O Home Lawn Care Kit was designed to, when applied to a lawn, retain water in the root-zone layer for up to 90 days, extending the life cycle of water by up to 75%.


The release of the Soil2O Home Lawn Care Kit was met with considerable praise. Customers found that their lawns were able to survive the harsh conditions of the drought, while also being able to reduce their water usage by up to 75%, allowing residents to stay within the state’s strict water usage regulations. The drought in California has since ended, but Soil2O Home Lawn Care Kits are still being used by homeowners to keep their lawns greener for longer while continuing to conserve water.