Investor Relations

GelTech Solutions® (OTCQB: GLTC)

GelTech Solutions creates innovative, eco-friendly, cost effective products. Our products help industry, agriculture, and the general public accomplish environmental and safety goals, such as water conservation and the protection of lives, homes, and property from fires.


  • GelTech Solutions is an early-stage synthetics company that markets and sells three polymer-based products: Soil2O®, FireIce®, and GT-W14®.
  • Soil2O and FireIce were designed and marketed primarily to mitigate losses from droughts and fires.
  • FireIce, Soil2O, and GT-W14 are nontoxic and environmentally friendly.

Investor FAQs


When did the company go public?

The Company's shares were registered in January 2006 and began publicly trading on the OTC Bulletin Board in June 2006.

Where is the Company headquartered?

The Company is headquartered in Jupiter, Florida.

Where was GelTech Solutions incorporated and how is it structured?

GelTech Solutions, Inc. is structured as a C Corporation in the state of Delaware.

What is the stock symbol for GelTech shares?

The GelTech Solutions stock symbol is GLTC and the shares are listed on the OTCQB Exchange.

How can I purchase GelTech stock?

GelTech Solutions shares are traded on the OTCQB, under the symbol GLTC.

What is a stock transfer agent?

A stock transfer agent manages and maintains the records of a company’s shares. The agent is responsible for transferring the ownership of shares from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name. The transfer agent also determines the stockholders of record, ensures all stocks are properly accounted for and that dividend payments are made to stockholders of record. The transfer agent does not maintain records of shares bought and sold through brokerage accounts. (Such stock is said to be held in “street name.”) Those records are maintained by the brokerage firms through which the shares are bought and sold.

How many shares of stock are outstanding?

There are 85,238,790 shares of common stock outstanding

What percentage of common stock is held by insiders?

Directors, executive officers and 10% shareholders currently own approximately 61.8% of our common stock

Where can a potential investor get information about GelTech?

The GelTech Solutions Investor Relations page provides a wide range of information, including annual reports, annual report supplements, and other financial and operational data. Visitors to the site may use our Contact Us form to receive updates.

How can I get a copy of the materials filed with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?


Who do I contact about changing information regarding my GelTech shares?

Transfer Online, Inc. is the transfer agent for GelTech Solutions stock. They can assist you with all issues related to your shares, including:

  • Changing an address
  • Reporting lost certificates
  • Transferring GelTech Solutions stock
They can be reached at:
Phone: 503.227.2950

Who is on GelTech’s Board?

Biographies of GelTech directors and related information can be found on the Leadership page.

Who are the corporate officers of GelTech Solutions?

Biographies of GelTech corporate officers and related information can be found on the Leadership page.

How can I be notified when new information about GelTech Solutions is available?

You can subscribe to GelTech Solutions “Email Alerts” system in the Investor Relations section of the company web site. You can also view the News section of our website, which displays upcoming events and media placements.

Who handles investor relations for GelTech Solutions?

Michael Porter of Porter, LeVay & Rose. He can be reached at (212) 564-4700.

How do I contact GelTech Solutions Investor Relations?

The easiest way to reach Investor Relations is by filling out the contact form at our Investor Relations website:

Who is GelTech’s independent auditor?

Salberg & Company LLC | Boca Raton, FL

Who is GelTech’s SEC/Legal counsel?

Nason,Yeager,Gerson,White & Lioce, P.A.
Brian Bernstein
West Palm Beach, FL

Transfer Agent
Transfer Online:
Contact: Carolyn Hall