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FireIce® XT 30-Gallon Extinguisher

The FireIce® XT 30-Gallon Extinguisher gives you the upper hand in combating fire threats. FireIce® XT is a next-generation suppression agent that acts as a force multiplier by greatly enhancing the capability of water. This 30-gallon extinguisher can be used to either swiftly suppress in direct attack, or to coat & protect surrounding assets from ignition & radiant heat for immediate & efficient containment.


  • HIGH HEAT REDUCTION: Effective up to 5,000°F
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Non-toxic to the environment and less corrosive to equipment relative to competitor products
  • EASE OF USE: Pressurized and filled with 30 gallons of FireIce® XT gel, simply clean out with water, and easily recharge and refill the tank after use.


FireIce® is a diverse brand that can be utilized as a direct fire suppressant for motor vehicle, structural and brush fires or as a retardant for structure protection. It is also especially effective on fiberglass, carbon fiber, magnesium, tires, and lithium battery fires.


Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce® XT
30-Gallon Extinguisher
FI-FE-30G Please Call
FireIce® XT
30-Gallon Drum Refill
FI-FE-30D Please Call




Operating Pressure: 260 PSI
Nozzle Output: 0-28 GPM
Detachable Hose: 20 ft.
Effective Discharge Range: 60 ft.
Total Tank Volume: 35.4 Gallons
Operational Liquid Vol.: 30 Gallons
Nozzle Type: 1” Anodized Aluminum Nozzle (NPSH)



Shipping Information:
Dimensions: 54.5″ x 22″ x 16″, 50.25″ Circumference
Empty Weight: 125 lbs.
Operational Weight: 375 lbs.
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Reference Documents

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