FireIce® XT 2.5-Gallon Class A Extinguisher

FireIce® XT Rapid Response Unit


Portable solution for immediate fire protection.
Coat. Cool. Contain.
The Rapid Response Unit deploys Firelce® XT gel to either swiftly suppress in direct attack, or to coat & protect surrounding assets from ignition & radiant heat for immediate & efficient containment.

Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce® XT
Rapid Response Unit
FI-RRU-60 $18,900
2.5-Gallon FireIce® XT Refill FI-FE-25GR $37
55-Gallon FireIce® XT Refill FI-FE-55G $620


Output: 25 GPM
Discharge Range: 75 ft.

System Components:

(1) Mounted Hose Reel with 100’ Hose & Shut Off
(2) Spare 5 Cubic ft. Bottles
(2) FireIce XT 2.5-Gallon Class A Extinguisher
(1) 60-gallon Storage Tank
(1) 1” Pistol Grip
(1) Harris 3500 Brass Regulator

Shipping Information:

Dimensions: 49.5” W x 45.25” L x 34” H
Loaded Weight: 1,200 Lbs.


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