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FireIce® XT Modular Indirect Suppression Toolkit

The FireIce® XT Modular Indirect Suppression Toolkit (MIST) deploys eco-friendly FireIce® XT gel to immediately suppress heavy machinery engine compartment fires, while also coating and protecting surrounding assets from ignition and radiant heat.


  • Unit comes in sections that may be strategically installed in an engine compartment.
  • Effective in a wide variety of configurations.


  • Extinguish combustion engine or lithium-ion battery fires when deployed with FireIce ST.
  • Suppressant effective up to 5,000° F.
  • Adheres to virtually all surfaces.

Ease of Use

  • Compatible with FireIce 64 oz. canisters and FireIce 2.5-gallon canisters.
  • The canister is easily filled with FireIce® XT and charged with nitrogen.
  • Refills are available to purchase in either 64 fl. oz. containers or 55-gallon drums of FireIce® XT.
  • Heater jackets are also available.


  • Non-toxic to the environment and less corrosive to equipment relative to competitor products.


Product Name Product No. U.S. MSRP
FireIce® XT MIST System FI-MIST Please Call




Operating Pressure: 225 PSI



System Components:
(1) Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) Valve with Pressure Gauge
(*) 3/8” I.D. Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
(*) 3/8” Male JIC Spray Head Adapters
(*) 2.8 GPM Wide-angle Stainless Steel Spray Heads
(20 ft.) 6mm O.D. / 4mm I.D. Nylon Tubing

* Quantity varies based on client needs

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