GelTech Announces Plans for New Regional Office in Denver, CO

GelTech Prepares for Western North America Wildland Fire Season
Oregon Department of Forestry and GelTech Solutions Finish Preparations for 2016 Wildland Fire Season

JUPITER, FL--(Marketwired - June 23, 2016) - GelTech Solutions, Inc. (GLTC))

Aninnovator in the use of environmentally-friendly polymers for fire suppression and prevention, announced today plans to open a western regional office in Denver, CO, that will serve as headquarters for the company's FireIce wildland fire division. This facility, answering to strong demand and sales growth in the Western and Mid-Western United States and Canada, will supplement GelTech's current headquarters in Jupiter, FL. The North Denver metro area of Colorado was selected after a number of cities around the western United States were considered.

"We are excited to announce a new regional office for GelTech, as this will help build a strong foundation for us to continue growing our business in the FireIce wildland fire division and our other industries in Western North America," said Michael Reger, president of GelTech. "The opening of a second office is a key part of our strategic growth plan, and we are excited to be moving forward."

The site for the new office has not yet been announced, but GelTech has already begun relocating key wildland personnel from the Florida office to Colorado. The Florida office will continue to serve as GelTech's global headquarters.

"From a sales and customer service perspective, Denver made a lot of sense for the company. It is centrally located in the West, and as a major business hub provides access to world-class talent and other business support services," stated Matt Struzziero, GelTech's director of sales and strategic operations. "With both western and eastern offices, our ability to service and support our customers will be unmatched in the wildland fire chemicals industry."

About The FireIce Wildland Fire Division

GelTech Solution's FireIce Wildland Fire Division specializes in providing cutting-edge fire chemicals and equipment, as well as industry-leading training and support, to wildland fire agencies around the world. Our talented team has a combined 100 years of wildland fire and aviation experience in federal, state and Canadian government agencies, allowing us to understand the specific needs, challenges and goals of our customers in the wildland fire industry. As an agile organization, our ability to be fast moving, flexible and robust -- capable of rapid response to unexpected challenges, events and opportunities in a wildland fire environment -- is unprecedented.

With fire seasons starting earlier and running longer than in past decades, providing wildfire response has become far costlier and more difficult for firefighting agencies to manage. GelTech Solutions now also provides fixed and mobile airtanker and helicopter bases which can be rapidly deployed with FireIce products to accommodate additional firefighting resources in a cost effective and timely manner, with expert support available at all times.

GelTech Solutions developed the original FireIce product as a next generation fire suppressant and short-term retardant in 2007. Over the last ten years, GelTech has expanded the original FireIce product to a family of products, equipment and services designed to help fire agencies and municipal fire departments around the world fight fire in a safer, more effective, less costly and more environmentally friendly way.

About GelTech Solutions, Inc.

Founded by inventor and chief technology officer Peter Cordani, GelTech Solutions is a leading provider of innovative, environmentally friendly and cost-effective products that help government agencies, industry, agriculture and the public achieve goals such as water conservation and protecting lives, homes and property from fires.

. GelTech's products include FireIce, an advanced, non-toxic, non-corrosive polymer that when hydrated produces a water-based suppressant to extinguish fires and a retardant to protect assets and property; Soil2O Dust Control and Soil Cap, products that reduce airborne particulate matter with minimal environmental impact; and GT-W14, an advanced absorbency technology to control fluid spills of all sizes, turning liquids into solid waste for easier and safer disposal. For more information, please visit

Oregon is also a member of the Northwest Forest Fire Protection Compact, and provides mutual assistance and resource sharing to member agencies as well as federal agencies. Compact member agencies include: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, Washington and Yukon.

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