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JUPITER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 16, 2019 / GelTech Solutions’ Fire Services Division (OTCQB: GLTC), a leader in innovative, environmentally-friendly firefighting agents, is excited to announce a new product for wildland firefighting, FireIce High Visibility Blue Medium-Term Retardant Gel (FireIce HVB-Fx). FireIce HVB-Fx has achieved administrative approval from the United States Forest Service (USFS), under Qualified Products List (QPL) specification 5100-306b. It is the first product to receive administrative approval under the newly revised, more challenging requirements of the specification. This listing qualifies FireIce HVB-Fx to be utilized on all federal lands; allowing federal agencies and cooperators following the QPL to procure the product for use on wildland fires.

The new FireIce HVB-Fx formula was designed and developed in-house by the FireIce Fire Services Team. FireIce HVB-Fx is based on FireIce’s proprietary crosslinked polymer technology - a powerful fire suppressant and retardant that enhances the capabilities of water. While a typical wildfire will burn at 2800°F, FireIce Medium Term Retardant (MTR) Gels have been proven to remain effective up to 5,000°F. FireIce MTR gels are used in wildland fire for direct attack, line building, and structure protection. These products provide greater durability and flame resistance than linear polymers, elastomers, long-term retardants and foams. Although environmental factors are a contributing variable, FireIce MTR Gels will last from 2 hours in the most challenging conditions to over 24 hours.

“The GelTech Fire Services Division is very proud to be introducing FireIce HVB-Fx, the first aerially applied firefighting agent to utilize a one-part fugitive blue colorant package,” said Matt Struzziero, Vice President of GelTech’s Fire Services Division. “Our Fire Services team developed this product from the ground up to have minimal impact on the environment, both ecologically and visually, while providing outstanding performance and safety for firefighters and pilots. Achieving administrative approval from the US Forest Service is a critical milestone for acceptance by domestic and international wildland firefighting agencies. We are proud to be offering the first product to meet the newly revised and rigorous standards of the QPL Specifications. FireIce HVB-Fx is the most effective wildland firefighting agent GelTech Solutions has ever released, and we are excited to now offer it to our customers and prospective wildland firefighting agencies.”

The development team utilized the latest technologies in colorants and performance additives, maximizing the effectiveness of the product while minimizing the environmental impact. FireIce HVB-Fx’s new proprietary formula delivers the trusted performance of FireIce MTR Gels with a highly effective, bright blue colorant. The vibrant blue formula is more natural in appearance and aesthetically pleasing than traditional red retardants. The new performance package improves the film thickness and wetting ability, providing better coverage, penetration, and greater overall effectiveness.

True to GelTech’s mission, FireIce HVB-Fx is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and does not contain arsenic, phosphates, or ammonia which are traditionally found in long-term retardants. As with our other FireIce MTR gels, this product will help wildland firefighting agencies to effectively manage fires without negatively impacting wildlife, water sources, or the environment. FireIce HVB-Fx is considered safe to use in ecologically sensitive areas, including wilderness areas, vulnerable water sources and aquatic ecosystems, the Wildland Urban Interface, and within long-term retardant exclusion zones.

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