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Bedford, MA

The F.W. Webb Company is offering an innovative new fire protectant for contractors, plumbers, welders, HVAC installers, handymen and similar trade professionals. A must for every toolbox, FireIce® Shield™ is a proprietary, non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-corrosive versatile gel that prevents ignition from welding flames, sparks and other construction ignition sources that could otherwise lead to an accidental fire.

FireIce Shield is highly effective, yet sprays on and cleans up easily with water, leaving no residue. The colorless, odorless gel blocks heat transfer, prevents ignition, and cools treated materials on contact for immediate handling. It protects virtually any material, including wood, sheetrock, cloth, wires, insulation, plastic, vinyl and metal. It is also works on painted and finished surfaces.

"Many structure fires may be prevented if contractors take proper precautions," said Michael Matros, an active firefighter and Fire Protection and Prevention Specialist for FireIce Solutions. Noting the fire that claimed the lives of two Boston firefighters in the Back Bay area of the city in 2014 was started by a welding accident, Matros added, "As a firefighter, I believe this product has tremendous potential to save lives and property."

Professionals who see the product demonstrated are impressed; a contractor attending a recent live demo at an F.W. Webb location called it, "miraculous."

Made in the USA by GelTech Solutions, Inc., FireIce Shield in a convenient spray bottle is available at all F.W. Webb locations throughout the Northeast.